An activity in the fertile soil of Egenen: Çeşme Ot Festival


Alaçatı Ot Festival was born 6 years ago by the Municipality of Çeşme, the idea that the number of tourists, the hotels, the environmental cleanliness, as well as the preservation of the cultural values ​​and the transfer of the cultural values. The grass festival is realized with the participation and participation of the individuals who gave their heart to Çeşme.

The festival is held every year and lasts for 4 days. They are composed of sections such as the recognition and collection of weeds, visits to the practice garden, making presentations, making speeches, making concerts, cooking competitions, making dance shows and award ceremonies. The most important feature of the Çeşme / Alaçatı Grass Festival is the introduction of grasses with local and foreign tourists.

The aims of the festival are; to give nutrition habits to the individuals, to introduce the cultural richness of the region, to attract local and foreign tourists, to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector.

In addition to these, the greatest reason for the Alaçatı Ot festival is to transfer our cultural accumulation to our country and to the world. The festival takes place in Çeşme / Alacati every spring. The reason for its occurrence in spring is that nature awakens in spring and the grass is the freshest and most delicious season. Every year, there is a large number of foreign and foreign guests attending the festival with a different name. In Alaçatı Ot Festa, not only herbs are introduced, food is organized, and contests and events are organized at the same time. Cultural exchanges take place between guests from all over the world and from around the world.

Egeliler's favorite foods are generally made with various kinds of herbs. Herbs are indispensable for them, it is a pleasure to make a thousand kinds of dishes from these herbs. At the same time, one of the biggest goals of Egelians is to introduce and taste these tastes to my country and to the world. Fountain lovers have undertaken this task.

Herbs grown in Çeşme: Arrangement, Camel Base, Wild Fennel, Radish, Radika, Mustard, Sevketi Bostan, Mallow, Tilkişan, Needle, Körmen, Wild Lettuce.

The festival is a great opportunity to wander around the cobbled narrow streets of Alaçatı, to be nested in nature, to embrace Greek and Levantine architecture, to chat with people we do not even know their names and to share something.

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