A magical island: the SAKIZ ADASI ... Old Name: Khios


Where is this Chios Island that everyone who comes to Çeşmey wonder? It is now west of Çeşme. In fact, the northern part of the island can also be seen from Karaburun. Because the price of Chios is the middle of the ferry prices, a lot of minds wander the mind.

After a journey of approximately 20 minutes, you can reach Çeşme harbor (ferries to Chios Island, get off Ulusoy port and have car parking right next door). Before the foot on the island, after the foot punch, up long customs orders will be waiting for you. Sorry ! This is especially true for anyone who will be making a weekly trip to Chios Island. Because there is an incredible Turkish influx.

As soon as Lima arrives, there is a tiny border gate. I can not say it's very well-kept. It's quite slow. Actually everything is slow on the island. You are going to a cage, only one person, 50 friends trying to help you wherever you look.

Whatever the streets, the beaches are pretty clean. People are gay faces. Most of them even speak Turkish. By the way, everywhere in the island is a gum tree. Many herbal products are also produced due to the production of gum.

Chios Island is known as Chios (Chios island or Chios island). The name of Chios Island (Chios Island Greek Hios), the name of the gum trees. You are seeing this when you go around all four sides of the island. The trees are covered in white powder. This dust is used to keep the gum flowing (the name of the gum known as a mast), the soil not to be polluted, and to stick to this tobacco.

Let's list some information about Chios Island: More than 50.000 people live in the island, universities and even to the airport. I mean, that big island. As someone who has seen both the Santorini and the Mykonian isles from the Greek islands, I can say:

It's bigger than those islands. The history of Chios: The Greek Chios Island took its dominance with the London Conference and Treaty in 1913, after about 350 years of Ottoman domination. You can read all of them from Chios Island Wikipedia. Ah, these treaties! The one who always sat on the shore and rebelled, "How are the islands that we can cross even if we swim?" This is all because of this treaty ...